We are very pleased to welcome Derek our new driver. He brings with him a wealth of experience of moving boats. His transporting days began over 18 years ago first working as a pilot car driver escorting wide and high loads through many countries including France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Ireland and of course the UK. A year later he started driving the trucks instead, which is something he has been doing ever since.

Derek has been working with us since January and already we have been working well as a team. Both John and Geoff knew Derek already and he is well-known in the industry. Derek working with us also means that Geoff is no longer driving full-time but he insists he is still working full-time manning the desk and doing many of the ongoing maintenance and repairs that always need doing.

Our customers too, seemed pleased with the extra level of care we are now able to take because we can respond even quicker to enquiries and work from a landline (+44 (0) 2380 84500) and a desktop rather than a mobile and an IPAD! We hope that it gives our customers extra confidence that their boat will be moved safely, efficiently and on time. Geoff speaks to both Derek and John several times a day so that we know exactly where the boat is and how things are going. We can then honestly communicate with our customers with updates as appropriate. Gillie too, is still at her desk working through the mounds of paper generated and doing the accounts. Together we make a small, personal, friendly team and we hope to work together for many years to come.

Easter is nearly with us so we have been busy moving lots of boats and many more enquiries too. Do get in touch if you are thinking of  buying or moving your boat for this season, especially if you are thinking of moving it to or from France, Spain and Sweden. Now is a good time to tie-loads together and offer you a good price. Happy Easter to you all!


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