Rules & Regulations

Transportation Rules

Modern transport these days is governed by so much red-tape, mainly for safety reasons. We always aim to keep within the law as we believe it pays dividends if you have a "clean" history. This can be tedious sometimes but we have to work around the problems the same as any other business. "Fly by nite" transport can end up being fined and parked up for a week and then nobody wins!

United Kingdom

Boats over 9'6" (2.9m) in the UK are classified as "wide-loads". If your boat is wider than this, then our Company is required by law to notify the Police in each respective county of the route we wish to take. They require two working days notice of this and they need the exact dimensions of the vehicle, the collection and delivery addresses, the date(s) of the move, and of course the route. Sometimes we need to provide a Pilot escort vehicle for the wide/long load should the police specify a reason for it.


France, Spain & Scandinavia

There are many more regulations abroad than in the UK governing wide-loads. Some examples are:

  • any boat over 8'2"(2.5m) beam is a wide-load,
  • any boat over 10'(3m) beam requires a "pilot/escort car" to travel with the load from start to finish,
  • loads greater than 3m wide are not allowed on motorways, and are subject to time restrictions when crossing certain towns and cities, and even Ring Roads.

We do already have the annual permits required from the various Departments of Transport for each respective country and routes. We sometimes have to use local escort cars with their specialist knowledge of bridge heights etc. They are in constant Two Way Radio contact with our drivers whilst assisting moving your boat.


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