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We have a range of Specialist Low Loader Boat Trailers to suit your needs

Over the years we have targeted our equipment purchases to suit market demands. Boat builders have moved towards building bigger and yet lighter models. We have also found customers who are buying boats secondhand, are looking further afield where there is more choice - and often, a cheaper purchase price. We can undertake transports for nearly all boats under 50’, and we are willing to quote for other specialist loads, that require the same or similar equipment, expertise and care.


We have three modern Mercedes (Euro 6) Trucks, two of which are left hand drive especially useful for European transports! Each truck is fully equipped with flashing beacons for wide loads and Two Way radios for communicating with Escort Vehicles


Escort Vehicle

An Escort or Safety Car, can be a necessity for Wide and Long Loads.The purpose is to warn other road users of an impending Oversize Load, to allow them to move over.

The Escort Car communicates via a Two Way Radio with the truck driver, to ensure a safe and steady journey. Often, we only need an Escort for the “difficult” sections of the trip.


We have three low loader boat trailers on full air suspension and EBS. Each trailer is equipped with eight adjustable chocks for both motor boats and deep keeled yachts. We also have a Sloper Flatbed with ramps and a winch, which is ideal for both Amphibious craft and Boats on American trailers.They all have a complete set of wide load marker boards and flashing beacons.


Two of our trailers extend to accommodate boats up to 16m and 20 tonnes. The latest trailer can load at just 20cm off the ground, ideal for "trawler yacht" style boats. With the combination of adjustable air suspension and full air suspension with ABS - a new generation of brakes for quicker braking - we can ensure your boat will have a smooth and safe journey.


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