We are excited to announce that we have just completed a brand new video clip. This shows our two Mercedes lorries, low loader boat trailers and our escort vehicle taking two boats to Lymington Yacht Haven, which is one of our local marinas. The video was fun to make and took quite a long time to film. I, Gillie, was to be seen hiding in gorse bushes or standing by the side of the road awaiting the loads to come through. The loads also had to stop and wait for me to catch up and get in my next position by the roadside. A half an hour journey took over two and a half hours, but hopefully you will agree it was all worth it! The drivers Geoff and John had to be patient too but they agree it was a good thing to do.

The video gives a perfect glimpse of the type of work we do and what our lorries and trailers look like in action. The lorries had to travel through Beaulieu, a beautiful, yet challenging part of the New Forest to drive through. Normally the escort driver drives through the village and stops the traffic at the other end to allow the lorries to get through the narrow road and steep turns safely and sometimes avoiding the New Forest ponies and donkeys! Once in Lymington, again the escort vehicle is much needed to clear the way and sometimes stop the traffic and warn the drivers via CB of any hazards to be aware of. Often using an escort vehicle is a necessity and must be used by law  for certain wide loads. It does, of course, ensure that your boat arrives safely at its destination.

Please click on the link below to watch our brand new boat transport video:-




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