Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still transport my boat after Brexit

Yes, definitely and we have already started transporting boats this year despite Brexit and COVID, including one to France and one from Sweden.  We will soon have a  new page "Customs Procedures" with more information

What happens on the day?

Because we are a small business we are "small enough to care" and like to take care of the little things as well as the big ones. This attention to detail may not be taken quite so seriously by a bigger company or by a less experienced staff.

For example we secure all the ropes and fenders and check on the suitability of the canopy and any of the canvas covers for the journey.

We never leave the boat yard without collecting the spare keys. We also periodically check the stability and security of the boat whilst in transit.

For our peace of mind, we always stay with the boat overnight - in the lorry bunk. Also at the point of delivery, we get the yard staff to sign the delivery note for the keys and mast and any other loose equipment.

Do I need any special paperwork?

For each delivery we use either a delivery or a CMR consignment note. And, we assist you with the additional paperwork required for crossborder deliveries.

Do I need insurance?

We hold "All Risk" UK insurance and also CMR insurance for Cross-Border deliveries.

"All Risk" UK insurance includes almost everything apart from personal belongings, loose parts of the boat falling off, and any tree damage caused by very low branches.

CMR insurance is a statutory insurance governed by an international agreement for Cross-Border deliveries. Full details of all insurances are available on request.

What about payment?

For UK boat moves we require payment in full as soon as the boat is loaded.

For transits abroad we require a deposit when you agree the dates with us, and then cleared funds of the balance once we have loaded your boat.

UK customers can pay via a debit/credit card or bank transfer. For non UK clients we will gladly accept a "bank transfer".

Do I need to be there on the day?

If you are around for the transport, you will be made very welcome, but it is certainly not a requirement for you to be there at all.

We will check the boat over to ensure everything is secure for transport, and make sure any parts that may potentially come loose, are removed and stowed inside.

Please always leave a spare set of keys. Also, please ensure that the stern drives and trim tabs are completely lifted to the “Beach Position” ready for loading on our trailers.

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