On Sunday 14th April 2019 Geoff eagerly arrived at the Arcachon (nr Bordeaux) Boat Show to collect a vessel. This was a slightly different job than normal for two reasons. Firstly Geoff would be transporting an 'Iguana' which is an amphibious yacht. This craft was to be loaded onto our trailer, not using a crane, but using a smart phone! Because the Iguana has tracks it was able to be driven on using its very own app on Geoff's smart phone.

This brings me to the second reason why this job was a bit different, and, that is because Geoff was using his recently purchased new trailer for the first time (anything to do with trailers is exciting for Geoff). This trailer, I am reliably informed will add a lot into our business! This trailer can transport sports boats AND their trailer AND not only that we can load it ourselves using the trailer's own winch. It can carry weights of up to 26 tonne. Geoff says that we often have requests from customers to not only transport their boat but their trailer too. In the past this has been a little more difficult because of the prop systems on our low loader specialist boat trailers, but now we have a different type of prop system for this trailer which allows us to simply winch up a customer's trailer and boat.

So, to continue the story....... Geoff arrived and loaded the boat on the Sunday evening and by Wednesday lunchtime it was safely at yet another boat show in  Abersoch in North Wales this time. The Iguana is making itself known and for many it is the perfect concept - to be able to drive on land and then on sea and even onto your own super yacht!

Geoff thoroughly enjoyed himself and though he might tell me it was such hard work, I just don't believe it!! Gillie


The French Boat Show Guide


The Smart Phone Iguana Control Centre


The Iguana safe and secure on Geoff's new Sloper Trailer

Geoff's new trailer eagerly awaiting to be loaded!


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