Post Brexit

Boat Transport After Brexit

Boat transport in and out of Europe has entered a new era. The rules and Customs procedures have changed for 2021, and will change again for 2022. Customers are still going to want to berth their own boats in Europe e.g The Med. And UK buyers will still want to buy boats, that are lying in Europe - or vice versa, lying in the UK.

We have started transporting boats across the new Custom Borders, albeit on a steep learning curve. The process of transporting your boat throughout Europe might appear to be “daunting” but please be assured we can “hold your hand” throughout the process.

We have been busy researching how the new Customs procedures will operate, and we have been on some training courses and have enlisted the help of a VAT specialist to help guide us with the more complex questions. We already have a working relationship with a couple of well-versed/Boat friendly Customs Agents, who in turn have their own working Partners in the countries we are transporting in and out of.

We have noted some of your concerns and questions and here are a few:-

  • Who will take care of the Paperwork, and how much will it cost ?
  • Is it true that I can move my boat out of Europe by 31.12.21 without having to pay VAT ?
  • If I export my boat now, what are the time restrictions for bringing my boat back to the UK?
  • Will I have to pay VAT or Duty on entry at the borders, or will I need to pay a bond or security ?
  • How long does the process take?

All of these questions are very valid, and it is probably best you initially contact Geoff by phone, so he can talk you through the different scenarios we have come across so far. In some cases, it may take a bit longer to get to the bottom of, but in short we can still transport your boat, across the borders!

So, to conclude, Boat transport Ltd is only specialising in the transportation of boats – no imagination, sorry – and it is in all our interests, to prepare everything correctly, and I'm sure we can work with you the Customer, to hopefully provide a seamless transport service.

Although any of our advice shared with you cannot be legally binding, we can certainly point you in the right direction for actual legal advice if required.


“Boat Transport moved my boat in Feb 2021 from St Malo to Surbiton. It was the first one they had moved since Brexit. I was a bit apprehensive, wondering if my boat would ever make it back or if I would be stung with some unknown duty or VAT. But no, all went perfectly. There was more paperwork to do but between their customs agent and themselves all went without a hitch. I must admit to being relieved when it went through the border and back to its new home”.
Matt Daly - Feb 2021

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