Just two days ago, we transported a fantastic 900hp RIB & launching trailer from Ribride.co.uk in Anglesey Wales - aptly named “Velocity” - to Torquay Marina, for the Marina Day. Velocity is rather more used to skimming through the water, under HER own steam, but has been safely transported for the long road journey, upon our new sloper trailer!

Before we could even quote for the job we needed to ensure that both Velocity and her own launching trailer would fit. Our new trailer can carry boats/trailers of up to 13m long & 2.5m wide and a weight of 18 tonne. Anyway, we calculated that Velocity would fit, and of course she did, like a glove!

On the day, Geoff expertly winched up both Velocity and HER launching trailer up the sturdy metal ramp and safely on board the sloper.In the narrow streets of  Menai Bridge, Anglesey, we needed a straight line space of a 100ft, to winch HER on. Velocity and trailer fitted perfectly, with only a few inches of space all round, and the 3 x 300hp engines were trimmed back down, so we could fold up the loading ramp.

So, ramp lifted, all strapped down, and off to Torquay! Geoff stopped and did regular checks to see that SHE was safe, and that nothing had moved.

SHE arrived at Torquay safely on Wednesday lunchtime ready for an exciting event. After the show SHE is destined to skim the waves again and travel to Cowes for yet another exhibition. Then in the middle of next week we shall re-load HER again from Hythe our local marina, and then return HER safely back to the base in Wales. All in all quite a trip and Geoff is pleased with his new sloper trailer, perfect for almost any boat that needs to travel with its own trailer!



Velocity all lined up ready to winch on

Velocity safely on our new sloper trailer

Ready to roll

Unloading in Torquay













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