In May, our very experienced driver John, transported a stunning looking boat . The boat is a Nortech,47’ and has its  own super long launching trailer.

This beautiful beast, is a Competition Racing Catamaran. It comes with, two small Jet Engines, that produce in excess of 4000 horsepower! And, it has a top speed of over 200 mph (not behind the truck of course).

We organised the shipping from Norway, and then both the launching trailer and Catamaran, had to be loaded by crane separately onto our trombone trailer. John very carefully transported it under Escort, to the owner’s property. When John reached the destination, another heavy-duty mobile crane was waiting for him, to reverse the process of lifting the Catamaran and then separately, the launching trailer into the premises.

This particular launching trolley was just a little bit too long for our Sloper trailer ! We use the Sloper for those people who have big boats, either on trailers or launching trolleys, and their owners request them to be moved both together. The Sloper is able to winch both on and off, the boat and trailer combined - see photo below.

Anyway, the weather was perfect as you can see from the photos below. The job took two days, and at the end we had a very happy and relieved customer! We understand that the whole process of arranging transportation of your boat can actually be both stressful and worrying. We will always try and steer you through the whole process, and hopefully we can assure you that your boat will be safely looked after from start to finish.

Another great job done, well done and thank you John.


Coming of the ferry from Norway

Being loaded at the docks

Ready to roll back to its residence

Unloading at owner's premises


It's getting there

Our sloper trailer able to winch both trailer and boat










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