Our driver, John, has nearly completed a 10 day trip from London – Porto Cristo, Majorca and back to Brighton. He transported a lovely Targa ’34 down and is coming back to Brighton with a Cranchi 34, an equally impressive popular motor boat.

We are never sure if John is working or on holiday! A nice little overnight trip on the Transmediterranea ferry from Barcelona to Palma, Majorca and a short drive to the lovely seaside village of Porto Cristo. John was so impressed by the cathedral in Palma which dates back to 1229 that he took a photo of it. The cathedral is 121m long and 55m wide and well worth a visit.

 Boat owners have always aspired to move their boats to Majorca to explore the clear seas and enjoy the sandy beaches. Porto Cristo itself is a small largely unspoilt fishing village with a fairly newly built marina in keeping with the local area. The mix of old and new has been done very tastefully. It is an ideal place to moor your boat and enjoy getting away from it all. A romantic meal or a walk along the breathtaking ocean.

Please do get in touch if moving your boat to Majorca is something you are considering. We will be happy to give you some guidance of location and the best way of transporting your boat cost-effectively.

ferry-barcelona palma-cathedral

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